The Portuguese Society for Research in Mathematics Education is a non-profit society that has, among its objectives, the promotion of the development of research in mathematics education and the exchange of ideas and experiences between people interested in this area, namely those conducting doctoral research.

Therefore, and taking into account the growing number of researchers in a less favourable situation in the context of the current Portuguese economic situation, the Direction of SPIEM now provides annual support to research, operationalised through the participation of doctoral students in the Research Meeting on Mathematics Education that it annually promotes.


The granting of research support is governed by the following points:

1. Recipients of research support
The research support is aimed at Portuguese researchers who are carrying out research towards a doctoral degree in Mathematics Education.

2. Requirements for application
Any Portuguese researcher who, as a doctoral candidate, cumulatively meets the following conditions may apply for this research support:

  • is not covered by any type of funding for participation in the meeting;
  • has proposed a communication as first author;
  • the communication respects the theme of the meeting;
  • the paper meets the meeting’s scientific quality criteria.

The request for research support should be addressed to the Direction of SPIEM and be accompanied by a declaration stating that the applicant is not covered by any other type of funding for participation in the meeting and that he/she is registered as a doctoral student. This request must be made by the deadline for submitting communications proposals.

3. Amount of research support
The total amount for research grants will be defined, year by year, by SPIEM’s Board of Directors, taking into account SPIEM’s financial situation and the expected costs for the meeting. This amount will be distributed by the number of researchers who have requested support and fulfilled the conditions required in this regulation.
Regardless of the number of researchers involved, the amount of research support does not exceed EUR 300.

4. Granting of support for research
Applicants are individually informed of the decision to grant research support and the amount of the support.
Anonymity is kept on all applicants for research support, whether they obtain it or not.

5. Selection of applicants
It is the responsibility of SPIEM’s Board of Directors to select the candidates to whom research grants are awarded, after verification of compliance with the application conditions.